Easy report generation cross-platform

Create, format, and modify your tables & reports with the ease of Office Software and fill in with data from any source automatically via RepTik PDR technology.

Innovative Technology

Current methods for customized data analysis and reporting via programming, such as clinical study reports, are mostly using individual “brute force” approaches and have little breakthrough for the last 30 years. Under the traditional technical framework, programmers are wasting lots of recurrent efforts on supportive jobs like format/layout/shell coding and associated debug, QC, modify, manual edits, and trainings. It makes the programmers reluctant to iterate with report stakeholders for changes, leads to highly fragmented practices, and is very difficult to collaborate.

RepTik Analytics Solution provides a new iteration framework to address the multiple pain points in one go. It helps data analysts and programmers avoid tedious layout & format programming of tables and reports in SAS, R, Python, MATLAB, and SQL, etc., iterate with stakeholders at ease, and harmonize their siloed workflows. Our multi-platform interoperable Presentation Data Referencing (PDR) technology can boost the productivity, collaboration, and interoperability for analysis & reporting across different programming platforms, analysis workflows, and report file types. 

Swiss innovation, global patents pending.

Product and Services

Product subscription

The RepTik Analytics Solution comprises the PDR technology platform and a series of customizable software modules for your choice.

Workflow diagnosis

Consulting service to diagnose how your current analytics workflow is performing, where is the bottle neck, and what could be improved, etc.

On-demand Services

Together with our software product, we offer on-demand technical services like training, support, and advisory, etc.

Use case - Complex Tables

How to efficiently build and flexibly modify a Word report without tedious LaTeX and Markdown? - Leveraging RepTik PDR Modular-coding and PDR Automation to efficiently build tables and reports from scratch, to intensively modify the tables and reports without pains in any layout & format programming, and to allow happier iterations with your stakeholders.

Use case - easy plug-&-play

How to easily make a PowerPoint report with tables and figures generated from your existing tools? - Using RepTik PDR technology to Plug-and-Play in your current workflows to avoid tedious layout & format programming. Applicable across different platforms and file types (*currently main-stream platforms and file types are supported).

Use case - Parallel workflows

How to collaboratively make an Excel report, a Word report, and a PowerPoint report in parallel, while having all results sync-ed together and updating easily to the analyses? - Using RepTik PDR technology to generate and inject one set of results into multiple report file types from parallel workflows, and enjoying advanced Microsoft Office features (like charts) to present your insights.

Use case - dynamic tables

How to generate dynamic table listings in batch without worrying any layout & format programming? - Using RepTik PDR technology to produce batch Word reports on result data with variable number of pages and rows, and enjoying the freedom to modify the layout and format.

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